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September 30, 2011 will be the last day that we send out rental DVDs. However there are other ways to get BigPond® Movies, only much faster. Click on any one of the 5 links below to find out how to access BigPond® Movies direct.

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* Please review our FAQs if you have questions about the BigPond Movies DVD service closure.
  1. Why has BigPond closed it's online DVD rental service?

  2. A.Technology improvements now allow us to deliver Movies directly to your home via Broadband. The benefits are that you can now choose a movie to watch, download it and begin watching in minutes.

  3. What do I do now that the service is closed?

  4. A.You can still get BIGPOND MOVIES on a T-Box, via your PC, directly from an LG or Samsung TV and even via your mobile. If you want a T-Box, then now's a great time to get one. Please log-in to find out about the great offers we have for DVD subscribers.

  5. What happens now?

  6. A.On the last day of operation of the service, Friday September 30, an email was sent to you describing the closure process. Please ensure all outstanding DVDs are placed in the post by the 7th of October, so they are received back by the 15th of October. Once those DVDs arrive back at one of our Fulfilment Centres, we will automatically close your account and you will receive a refund of the unused component of the current month's subscription. This refund will be processed within 2 weeks back to your Credit Card or Telstra bill depending on your payment method.

  7. My 12 month contract was set to expire after the 30th of September. What happens to my account?

  8. A.All accounts, both 12 month contracts and casual monthly accounts, were cancelled on the 30th of September 2011, unless you had already cancelled your account prior to this date.

  9. Will I be charged an Early Termination Fee for cancelling my 12 month contract before it expires?

  10. A.There will be no Early Termination Fees to customers who cancel their 12 month contract after the 1st of July 2011.

  11. What if the DVDs don't make it back to Telstra?

  12. A.If DVDs are legitimately lost in the mail system, then please report the DVD as lost on the web-site and we will take this into account when finalising your account. If DVDs are not returned by 15-October and do not appear to be lost, then we will be applying a DVD replacement fee of $15.00 per DVD before finalising a customer's account.

  13. Can I get all the content that I am used to on the DVD service?

  14. A.Currently we have around 3,300 of the most popular titles available for download, so this range is not as comprehensive as we had for the DVD service. The range is being added to all the time as Movie studios and distributors make more content available to us. You should find most of what you wish to watch and over time we will be growing the catalogue to be as large as what was offered via DVD.

  15. Can I use my same DVD login details for the Download service?

  16. A.You will need to create a new movie account to use the download service. If you wish to download and watch movies on your PC, please go to and click on the Register link towards the top right hand side of the screen. If you are purchasing an IP TV device such as a compatible Samsung or LG TV, or the new Telstra T-Box, please follow the prompts whilst registering those devices.

  17. When will the last charges appear on my credit card or Telstra bill?

  18. A.For customers paying by credit card who did not cancel prior to the service closing, your last monthly subscription payment will appear in September. Any additional DVDs that were dispatched in September that were above your monthly quota, as well as any lost DVD fees for DVDs not returned by the 15th of October, will be charged in October. For customers paying via their Telstra Bill, their payments will appear a month later, depending on the billing date of your Telstra account. Subscription fees will appear in October, and any addition DVD charges or late fees will appear in November.
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